I have a clickable map that uses js, css and xml to display. I previously was provided solutions in a previous thread How do I implement a clickable JavaScript map? using drupal_add_css() and drupal_add_js().

  1. Can I add multiple CSS files with drupal_add_css() using an array? Or, do I need to list these as separate commands?
  2. The other problem is I need to have an XML file to feed the data into the JavaScript file. I attempted to edit the JavaScript file by hardcoding the XML file location, but that doesn't seem to work.

    $.ajax({type: 'GET',url: 'sites/default/files/repfinder/xml/usaMapSettings.xml'

What should I be doing so that the JavaScript code recognizes the XML file? Without it, no map is displayed.

  • re: 1) you want to add the multiple files one by one with separate commands.
    – schnippy
    May 14 '12 at 18:05

It looks like, according to the demo page you showed, the URL is relative to the path where the JavaScript is loaded; adding a slash in front of URL passed to $.ajax() should work.

$.ajax({type: 'GET', url: '/sites/default/files/repfinder/xml/usaMapSettings.xml'

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