I am using a webform element 'select_other' in the webform. We got a requirement that the Other field should only appear if certain conditions are satisfied. I already have a Webform Handler In place, and using the alterForm(), I tried to change the #type value, which removed the Other option, but duplicates the field wrapper property.

Is there any way to change the #type of a webform element programmatically from webform_select_other to select?

I was able to get around this by creating a dummy element for select and then in the alterForm, substituting the form element with the new one, using this code.

$type_of_request = $webform_submission->getElementData('type_of_request');

if ($type_of_request == "Process") {
  $webform = $webform_submission->getWebform();
  $dummy_element = $webform->getElement('dummy_element');
  $elements['original_element'] = $dummy_element;

This is a workaround I am using.

  • What are the certain conditions that must be satisfied? It matters.
    – mona lisa
    Commented Apr 12, 2022 at 12:07

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You should change it to always use a select element, and then make a separate textfield (or whatever type) field for "Other". Then you can use the Webform module's built-in conditionals to control when it shows, without using a webform handler for that.

  1. Add a select element
  2. Add a separate textfield "Other" element
  3. Add a "visible" conditional on the Other element, with the condition being that the type_of_request is set to Process

Example YAML

    '#type': select
    '#title': 'Type of Request'
       review: Review
       process: Process
    '#required': true
    '#type': select
    '#title': 'Select'
       - 'Option 1'
       - 'Option 2'
    '#required': true
    '#type': textfield
    '#title': 'Other'
    '#required': true
        - ':input[name="type_of_request"]':
            value: process

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