In Drupal 9 Rules 8.x alpha 7 - I have a rule working. However, I am trying to send an email to the user of the account that is changed.

I am trying to figure out the data selector to make this happen. I have tried token for an email: {{ profile.uid.entity.mail }} I have tried profile.uid.entity.mail.value as a data selector and many other things I am finding online.

I have Entity is of Bundle and Field is of type in the conditions to grab the field in the user account.

If I put in a specific email it works. Anyone figure out the data selector for this?

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Okay, it took a while but I got it to work. I am using the Profile module with the Drupal account. This rule is on Profile update.

In the Condition: you need 'Entity is of Type' - data_selector = profile, and value = profile Then you need 'Entity has field' with data_selection = @user.current_user_context:current_user and value as 'mail'

Than...You create an Action "send Mail' - in the Send to: direct input I used this {{ profile.uid.entity.mail }} Added a message and tested.

It works!!!

Hope that helps someone.

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