I want a user to be able to create n nodes of type "Photo Gallery Photo" using a single form.

The node would have the following fields:

  • name (For the entire upload; only shown once)
  • phone number (For the entire upload; only shown once)
  • town (For the entire upload; only shown once)
  • email (For the entire upload; only shown once)
  • title (per photo)
  • description (per photo)
  • photo (Image, per photo)
  • galleries (node reference checkboxes, per photo)

Is this possible?

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Your question is so specific to your implementation; what you want to do is create a node with some single value fields and multiple images, each image with a title, description and nodereference.

It is the last part of the above that is actually the question: How do you add fields to an image?

  • The file entity module allows you to add fields to a file, but those fields are not available on the node edit form, you have to go to admin/content/file to add these values.
  • The Field Collection Module allows you to define a set of fields, so on your node you would define a field collection field which has an image, a caption, nodereferences or whatever. (not too clear...try it out)

You should write a module that saves a node for each set of values. That's doable.

Anyway that's a strange approach. I think i could be of more help knowing more details about your final purpose

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I think it will work for you

Multi Node Add

This module provides a new interface for creating nodes where the users are able to select the fields what they want to use for creating the nodes.

It is designed to create multiple nodes in one round, it's possible to add more node input rows on-the-fly

In your Navigation menu (the menu with your username as title) you should see a link called Create multiple nodes, -- links to the URL http://<yoursite>/multi_node_add


Use the file entity module!

You can create a new content type called Album. Add the fields you want (name, phone number, town, email, images). Then using the file entity module, create a new file type or edit the already created one (Image) and add the fields (title, description). Every time you add a new photo to the Album, the image fields will show under the uploaded photo.

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