I've updated opigno_lms to 2.29 version without any problems by composer and then "drush updb", then installed 3.0.2 version through composer, but "drush updb" gives me:

[notice] Update started: opigno_statistics_update_9001 [error] Argument 2 passed to Drupal\Core\Config\CachedStorage::write() must be of the type array, bool given, called in /home/mine/praca/gitowanie/opigno_project/web/modules/contrib/opigno_statistics/opigno_statistics.install on line 83 [error] Update failed: opigno_statistics_update_9001

Anybody has solution for that? Or idea how to debug it? Every other update goes nice, but this one breaks everything... I tried already plenty of times, but it fails all the time, on 2 different servers.

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If you look for a way to effectively debug updb, then try to use Xdebug. If you have problems configuring it for command line scripts, you can always run updates via update.php in your browser.

When you set a breakpoint on opigno_statistics_update_9001, you will see exactly where the faulty argument comes from.

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