What is the actual difference between these two events?

Is it simply that OrderEvents::ORDER_ITEM_CREATE is triggered for order items added in any way (like both from front end cart and from back end admin UI), and CartEvents::CART_ENTITY_ADD is only triggered when an item is added to a cart?

I understand that order items could be things that are not purchasable entities etc so there is a difference there, but essentially OrderEvents::ORDER_ITEM_CREATE will fire anytime that artEvents::CART_ENTITY_ADD does?

Are there other important differences?

I have some code in the CartEvents::CART_ENTITY_ADD event doing a bunch of stuff and due to a new request I now need to run the code when an order item is added in the Admin UI and not just when an item is added to the cart.

Im thinking OrderEvents::ORDER_ITEM_CREATE is the correct event to traget, with some sort of condition to only fire if the order is enetered from the admin UI.

However Im now thinking that I shouldnt be using CartEvents::CART_ENTITY_ADD at all if OrderEvents::ORDER_ITEM_CREATE is fired in all cases (both when an item is added to a cart and also when added from admin UI)?


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