I have a content type that contains a file field which is always a .zip file. When a file is uploaded I have a module that unzips the file to make a few changes then re zips the file to a new location. I would like to associate this newly created .zip file with my content type but so far I have not been able to find a way to do that. I initially tried to change the url of the file field in which it worked temporarily but it seems that the file field was later re-saved with the initial value.

I do my unzipping and re-zipped from hook_node_presave (I also tried to do from hook_node_insert) but neither seemed to work. Could anyone offer me any advice about how to change the file of a file field?

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File fields are referenced by their ID in the file_managed table; as well as updating the field in your presave hook, you'll probably need to update the file entity that relates to that id with the new filename/path.

This is just a basic example but it should give you a starting point:

// Get the file id from the field
$fid = $node->field_file[$node->language][0]['fid'];

// Load the file
$file = file_load($fid);

// Update the filename
$file->filename = basename($new_path);

// Update the uri (this must be in the format of a schema uri, e.g. public://folder/file.jpg
$file->uri = $new_path;

// Save the changes

You might also want to update the filesize field; it's used in a few places in the system.


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