I have a drupal 9 site. I have a parent view A and a child view B. I am using views_field_view contrib module in order to pass an id from view A to view B. I have added a contextual filter in B to get this id from A. I want to fetch this id in my views_view_field hook and do some modifications based on the id fetched. But i am not able to get inside the view B in my views_view_field hook. If i remove the contextual filter from view B, then i am able to go inside the view in my code. But i need that id from the filter, I can't remove that because all the modifications are happening based on that id only.

Here is my code:

function mymodule_preprocess_views_view_field(&$variables){ $view = $variables['view']; if($view->storage->id() == 'B'){ //print something } }

But when i go to the path of view B, it prints nothing. Can anyone please help how to resolve this issue?


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