How can I get the URL of an entity without its alias?

This code just gives me the path alias, but what I actually want would be, for example, /en/node/1 instead of /en/node/my-title.

$entity->toUrl('canonical', ['absolute' => true, language' => $entity->language()])

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You can add the option 'alias' => TRUE to your route. See how the shortlink is tested in core

  // \Drupal\Tests\node\Functional\NodeViewTest
  public function testLinkHeader() {
    $node = $this->drupalCreateNode();

    $expected = [
      '<' . Html::escape($node->toUrl('canonical')->setAbsolute()->toString()) . '>; rel="canonical"',
      '<' . Html::escape($node->toUrl('canonical', ['alias' => TRUE])->setAbsolute()->toString()) . '>; rel="shortlink"',


    $links = $this->getSession()->getResponseHeaders()['Link'];
    $this->assertEquals($expected, $links);
  • Yes that works fine, thanks a lot :-)
    – Sebastian
    May 24, 2022 at 12:11

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