I have a typical content type, with a field, let's say field_name.

I can output each field using the field.html.twig file. In the file, to output each item, there is a line

<div{{ item.attributes }}>{{ item.content }}</div>

So how can I set item.attributes, to output, say, the machine name of the field, so that my output is:

<div class="field_name">My Name</div>

I suspect it has to do with using the:

function theme_preprocess_field(&$variables) {

$item['content']['#item_attributes']['class'][] = $variables['field_name'];

Is this correct? Where do I go from here? How can I make this work?


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How can I add classes to an item in field.html.twig?

Use attributes.addClass():

<div{{ item.attributes.addClass(field_name|clean_class) }}>{{ item.content }}

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