I have a custom class TextWidget extends WidgetBase

Inside it I have a custom validation handler that looks like this:

public function validate($element, FormStateInterface $form_state) {
  $value = $element['#value'];
  $label = 'This field'; // What method is there to get the human facing field name?
  if (strlen($value) === 0) {
    $form_state->setError($element, $this->t('@label cannot be empty.', ['@label' => $label]));

It outputs the error "This field cannot be empty." if the field is empty.

I want to replace the static text 'This field' with the actual human facing name of the field.

Is there a public method that lets me do that?


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A class that extends WidgetBase can get the label with $this->fieldDefinition->getLabel(). That is used, for example, from WidgetBase::form().

$element = [
  '#title' => $this->fieldDefinition->getLabel(),
  '#description' => $this->getFilteredDescription(),

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