I'm trying to set up a decoupled Drupal architecture with the GraphQL module and Gatsby static site builder. Following online guides for this setup, I also installed/configured Simple OAuth for graphql consumer authorization. But no matter how I configure/reconfigure/install/uninstall, I consistently receive a "410 Unauthorized" message when attempting a simple GET request to the graphql API with the associated access token. Rest assured, I've double/triple checked all parameters and I cannot find what I'm doing wrong.

Can anyone shed some light on why I'd be getting consistent Unauthorized messages despite fully configured Simple OAuth? I've pasted screenshots of everything and here are all of my system details:

API server
Ubuntu 20.04/Apache 2.4.53/PHP 7.4/MariaDB 10.3.34
Drupal 9.3.15
GraphQL module v3.1
Simple OAuth module v5.2

Postman testing Postman photo

Simple OAuth Simple OAuth settings Simple OAuth consumer Simple OAuth access tokens

Logged errors Logged error #1 Logged error #2


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