I have a couple of nodes (using node translation) shown on /en/admin/content. All the edit links point to /en/node/*/edit which always has the English language on the URL. This is problematic because for French items the entityreference fields show English nodes and not French. In order to solve this I have to manually edit the URL to /fr/node/*/edit.

The same applies when initially translating a node. The "add translation" link at /en/node/*/translate always starts with /en/.... If it'd start with the target language (e.g /fr/...) then this problem with the entityreference fields would not exist.

Is this a problem of entityreference or Drupal? Can it be fixed or configured from somewhere?

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The edit links where fixed in i18n 7.x-1.6. When I crated this issue I was using 7.x-1.5.


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