I have a need to build a report that aggregates field values using sum and count.

I am running into trouble though figuring out how to solve rows that don't map at a field.

For one, the table headers (columns with Residential and Business) are repeated per N companies. A node is related to a company, and also has a 'type' set (Residential or Business). The report needs to list all nodes, grouped by company, and split columns in each by their types (Residential and Business) and within that show the aggregate values. The final column is a total sum of all.

I am not sure this is possible right from the Views UI (note the final row is a MINIMUM aggregate but also 'node without field value' condition). Would it be possible to build a basic View (select content type, expose 'date range' filter) and add several custom Views fields plugins to achieve each row?

Is totally custom the only way to do this?

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