I need to implement the following :

  1. Read data from the database
  2. Put the data into a CSV file and download it.

The number of records to be exported is vast in numbers therefore to avoid a time-out issue want to do it using the batch API.

  • Have you googled anything?
    – Kevin
    Jun 23 at 11:11
  • 2
    Unfortunately we don't find links to, or create, guides/tutorials here, we just answer specific questions. Once you're a bit further along in development, and have a more narrowly-scoped question about your implementation, please ask that separately, making sure to include a short snippet of code to demonstrate the problem, a description of the expected and actual results, any error messages you see, steps you've already taken to debug, etc. Thanks!
    – Clive
    Jun 23 at 12:19
  • @miststudent2011 Yes this is the kind of solution I was looking for, will take help from this. Thanks Jun 24 at 4:22


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