I am logged in to my Drupal account and if I use the jQuery code from here then I can make a post request to my site and create a node. But if I try from another site, like my local host or a third party site, I get 403 error.

I tried with a Get request from here, using jQuery, I could perform get the request, on both the Drupal site and an external site.

But I am unable to post, patch or delete from an external site using jquery and cookie authentication.

I'm not sure but I have a feeling it has something to do with the cookie not being sent with the request?

I can use basic_authentication but that requires the login credentials to be sent, which I do not want.

how can I get the cookie authentication to work with jQuery?


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how can I get the cookie authentication to work with jQuery?

This is not possible. See this SO answer; the browser only allows you to use JS to access the cookies for the current domain; you cannot use JS to access cookies from other domains.

This is a basic security feature of modern browsers.


  • Implement Simple OAuth on the server
  • Implement JWT on the server
  • Implement something like Capacitor HTTP plugin for giving the browser access to your domain's cookies in all of your clients

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