I am running a Drupal 7 website and I am having a little trouble (I think) dealing with Rules and translated emails.

Basically, I want Ubercart Order Status Update emails to be in the preferred language of the customer, not the default language of the website.

The default language of the website is English, but most of my customers are Chinese and prefer messages in Traditional Chinese.

  • I have set up the English message
  • I have set up a Traditional Chinese translation
  • I have set up a Simplified Chinese translation

Users indicate their preferred language when they sign up for an account.

Unfortunately even though the translations are (I believe) basically set up, all Ubercart Order Status Update email messages are sent in English.

This functionality is controlled from the Rules area of Drupal 7, on /admin/config/workflow/rules/reaction/manage/uc_order_update_email_customer.

I am wondering if I need to specify an additional language-oriented criteria or action somewhere in the rule so I can get those email messages in the customer's preferred language?

This is the rule Edit tab.


I see a translation-oriented comment in the Actions area.


I don't understand what The argument value is translated to the current interface language means, or what do to about what it is saying in terms of sending emails in customer's preferred language.

Unfortunately, this somewhat cryptic message seems to indicate that whatever language the interface is set in, the corresponding translation will be used, which is not my case.



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