I want to add multiple contributors to a node. Contributors won't have exactly the same permission as the content author. Such as, Contributors won't be able to delete the content, add/remove another contributor. Contributors should be able to edit other parts of the content.

My Plan for implementation :

  • Add a user reference field with multiple values.
  • Providing a new rule to the contributors if added to the user reference field and removing this rule when the user is removed from the same field.
  • Providing specific permissions to the contributor rule

Another Task:

  • I have a view called "My Content". Where I need to show all content that belongs to me either as an author or a contributor. There should be an indicator referring to if I'm the author of the content or a contributor to it.

Now, I need help on the following parts:

  1. The way I'm doing it, is it the optimal way or there is any better way to do it?
  2. How I will be able to add a rule after a user is added in the user reference field? Assuming some preprocessor will help bt not sure which one exactly.
  3. How can I give similar permissions that a contributor can do the works that the author can do.
  4. On "My Content" View how I will be able to get both authored content and contributed content. How I will be able to differentiate them while viewing?


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