I wish to call a token directly from the WYSIWYG text editor of a node of a certain content type.

For example, I wish to call the token [current-page:title] (node H1 tag) from the edit page.

So, for example for a node named "Tulip (Tulipus)":


The term [current-page:title] [plural: Tulipa] is used to describe a flower of the family Liliaceae.


The term Tulip (Tulipus) [plural: Tulipa] is used to describe a flower of the family Liliaceae.

How can this be done?

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You'll want the Token Filter module.

As the module's page says, you need to make sure you have the right context for the tokens you want to use; if the context isn't available, token replacement will fail silently.

Also note that it's not yet ready for CKEditor 5.

  • Hello Patrick and thank you. I have read in the module's page but it isn't clear to me what the word "context" means here, is it the node versus block issue detailed there? I plan to use it only for nodes.
    – meta
    Jul 2 at 15:28
  • Should using "token filter" as an input filter interfere with some HTML parsing?
    – meta
    Jul 2 at 15:38
  • May I add that the documentation page lacks clear data in these regards as well: drupal.org/docs/contributed-modules/token-filter
    – meta
    Jul 2 at 15:39
  • 1
    Tokens are usually linked to an entity, so for such tokens, the entity is the context. If you use a token when it would not be available, it will fail. Drupal usually gives you a widget to show the available tokens, but Token Filter d module does not have this; you will have to either use tokens that you know are safe or proceed carefully by trial and error. Jul 2 at 17:03
  • Oh, as I figure now, the only token I am going to use is [current-page:title] within nodes.
    – meta
    Jul 2 at 18:04

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