I have a panel overriding the node/add form of a custom content-type in one pane and a view listing some nodes including 2 exposed filters to reduce the results of that list in another pane.

Both, the form and the view show up as i want, but if i use the exposed filters the node gets submitted instead of filtering the view.

How can i prevent this? Is there some way to do this step by step?

Drupal 7, latest dev-versions of Views and Panels.

Thanks in advance!

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I have the same problem, what i have dug up so far is that the "form" html tag goes missing when the view exposed filter form is rendered within a node form. I am still trying to fix the issue as i haven't figured out why. I will update you if i get any further on this.


The little module i found and installed is doing a great job so far. I will now close this by answering my own question.

The problem was solved with this module.

The Form Block module for Drupal (http://drupal.org/project/formblock) allows displaying user registration forms, node forms and some other forms in blocks. Unfortunately it was not available for Drupal 7 at the time of writing, which prompted me to write this module.

It provides one block for each node type, displaying the node type's creation form. It respects user permissions, meaning that it will not display the creation form if you are not allowed to create the node.

The module was created to allow using nodes as contact forms in Drupal 7. I have no plans on spending very much time on this module – have a look at Form Block if you want a long-term solution.

UPDATE: The Form Block Module now has a stable release for D7 and works well for the issue.

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