The question is simple, I have a Drupal 9 website with the Geolocation Field module. I use the Olivero theme.

In this theme, there is a "Hero (full width)" region. I want to display a View page with the nodes that have a geolocation field and I want to display the map in the "Hero (full width)" region.

The page and the map must share the exposed filters.

So my question is how to display the map in a different region by inheriting the exposed filters from the page?

It would be so much classier to have a full-width caret in Olivero.

Currently the only solution is to create an attachment with the map in view. The problem is the attachment is not a block and cannot be placed in another region.

I found a very old mod:


this seems to be a solution, unfortunately it is abandoned.

  • Is moving the exposed filters separate from the view sufficient? Views supports placing the exposed filter form as a block. Jul 11 at 1:50

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You could add a second block display keeping the same exposed filters. If the exposed filters are not changed they use the same query parameters and are in sync. Then, as suggested by @PatrickKenny, expose the filter form of the second display as block, which you don't need to place anywhere, if you want to operate both displays with the exposed filters of the first one.

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