A few years ago, someone asked me to help with a little website, made in Drupal. It was made by another developer, who was not available any more. He wanted just some little changes and despite never using Drupal, I managed to get through it. But I never touched the code or added modules, I only changed some content types and added some menu links.

Everything worked right, but a couple of months ago, some issues started with the newsletter system. Basically, the newsletters are being sent back or flagged as phishing by some. Also, the newsletter statistics seem wrong (33 email sent but 250 opened, while we have around 400 subscribers)

The website is made using Drupal 7 (7.80 right now) and we use SimpleNews (version 7.x-1.1) for the newsletters.

I don’t know a lot about mails, so I’m not sure if there is something I can do.

Or if I just need to update to a newer version of Drupal. But if that’s the case, since I know so little about the project, will I manage to change to a new major version without breaking everything?

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    Upgrading to Drupal 9 from 7 is not straightforward and if you are not experienced with Drupal, I wouldn't recommend going that route. If the newsletters are being flagged as spam, that doesn't really have anything to do with Drupal... people are getting messages they don't want. The easiest thing to do may be to move away from Simplenews to some dedicated email service. Jul 28 at 10:23
  • There is not enough information here to provide any kind of direct answer.
    – cilefen
    Jul 28 at 12:29
  • @PatrickKenny would upgrading to Drupal 8 only be simpler or still risky? I can try to move away from Simplenews but I'm looking for a solution that will imply the least number of changes if possible
    – SarahT
    Jul 28 at 13:36
  • @cilefen, sorry, what kind of information would you like me to add?
    – SarahT
    Jul 28 at 13:36
  • @SarahT Drupal 8/9/10 are all the same series, and Drupal 8 is no longer supported, so if you upgrade from Drupal 7 now, it should be to Drupal 9, not Drupal 8. There is a major backwards compatibility break between Drupal 7 and 8/9/10 so the upgrade can be rather hard, especially if you didn't build the site. Jul 28 at 13:47


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