My nodes of content type Article contain an entity reference to Audio media. This Audio media has a file entity reference.

When listing articles via JSON:API, I want to automatically include this file entity reference for any articles that have it.

To auto-include the Audio media entity reference, I can use the JSON:API Defaults submodule of the JSON:API Extras module to add audioMedia (JSON:API Extras customized name for the entity reference field pointing to Audio media).

However, I don't know how to auto-include the file entity reference, which is on the audioMedia entity reference.

I tried customizing the Audio media resource to include the file reference, but that includes it when accessing Audio media via JSON:API, not when accessing Articles.

I also tried adding file to the Default include list for Articles, but this gives an error that file is not an available option.

So how can I auto-include the entity reference of an entity reference with JSON:API Defaults?

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Multi-level references need to be linked by a period:


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