I am using Drupal 9 all the admin tool bar menu options loads the URL with /index.php/admin/config/* as URL

I have the clean URL programmed in .htaccess, but still the menu load only index.php/ URLs

How do I fix it


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This is an old issue still not resolved. In this topic you find three fixes. The core patch from the issue would be the most obvious, but now, 5 years later, it is the least favorable, because the module Redirect is better maintained. If you don't want to install a module then you can use the .htaccess solution.

After implementing the fix clear the cache. This removes all unclean URLs from cache and the fix prevents that new ones a generated by site visitors still using the old links, through bookmarks or autocompletes for example.


I fixed the issue by intentionally loading the URL with website.com/admin/ and apply clean URLs and clear cache

Now all the menus adjusted to /admin/ pattern

My simple xml sitemap also got fixed

it seems the PHP code is written in such a way to read the current loaded URL, if it is has the index.php then the program applies that value to the database

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