I'm using Drupal Commerce, Search API, and Facets API; I'd like to put the product prices as a facet. Configuring my search API index, I managed to get this facet, but the Search API module doesn't seem capable of handling price ranges facets. This is how the facet looks like.

  • 1230,23
  • 340,21
  • ...

I'd like it to be like the following.

  • From 10 to 100
  • From 100 to 200
  • ...

It seems that there is existing code for handling ranges, but not decimal ranges.

Did I miss something?

  • I tried the search_api_ranges module, and it doesn't fit here for two reasons: 1) It only brings a slider (don't need it) and 2) it fails and throws a lot of PHP notices
    – Pierre
    Commented May 16, 2012 at 8:21

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commerce_search_api sounds like exactly like what you're looking for. Be aware of the commerce >= 1.4 dependency as of this writing.

The module includes a product display index (configurable at admin/config/search/search_api/index/product_display):

  • Auto-generated search index that includes all product display node types* and related product data.
  • Auto-generated facets for all node type categories and product attributes.

I've used the price facet filters, with and without the search_api_ranges widget, with great success.


This was asked long time ago, but as I have just landed here, let me add another answer - it seems that Facet API Ranges is the module you are looking for:

What it could give you:

how it looks

Configuration options:

configuration options

  • 1
    I ended up writing my own facet block rendering function, but I guess this would be solution. Please note that at the time, all of Search API, Facet API were terribly bugguy, and Facet API Ranges existed only in -dev version.
    – Pierre
    Commented Jan 14, 2015 at 12:29
  • Hi Pierre can you please share the source code what you have written. Commented Mar 25, 2020 at 8:42

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