I am trying to install Drupal on a CentOS based shared server environment (namecheap.com) with mysql, ssh and Composer.

I have created a database username and a database with the same name and a password and granted all user privileges.

I ran:

composer create-project drupal/recommended-project WEB_APPLICATION_DIR_NAME
composer require drush/drush
vendor/bin/drush site:install

I prompted:

 Database name [drupal]:

 Database driver [mysql]:

 Database username [drupal]:

 Database password [drupal]:

 Database host []:

 Database port [3306]:
 > 3306

 [warning] Program UNKNOWN not found. Proceed if you have already created or emptied the Drupal database.

 > You are about to:
 * Create a sites/default/settings.php file

 Do you want to continue? (yes/no) [yes]:
 > yes


[notice] Starting Drupal installation. This takes a while.
[notice] Performed install task: install_select_language
[notice] Performed install task: install_select_profile
[notice] Performed install task: install_load_profile
[notice] Performed install task: install_verify_requirements

In install.core.inc line 971:

Database name field is required. Database username field is required. Resolve all issues below to continue the installation. For help configuring your database server, see the installation handbook, or contact your hosting provider.

  • Failed to connect to your database server. The server repor ts the following message: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user 'hanekudai'@'localhost' (using passw ord: NO).
    • Is the database server running?
    • Does the database exist or does the database user have sufficient privileges to create the database?
    • Have you entered the correct database name?
    • Have you entered the correct username and password?
    • Have you entered the correct database hostname and port number?


when I went to example.com/web/ and used the GUI installation with the exact same DB credentials, I have installed Drupal successfully.

My question

What is the problem in Drush installation?

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 Database driver [mysql]:

I should have prompted

 Database driver [mysql]:
 > mysql

Then the installation finished without error.

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