I use the same form for different events. Previously I have set up a conditional email to be sent based on the exact title of the event. However, I would like to have the conditional email be sent based on one specific word in the event title. Is there a way to set up the logic to base it on a partial text match? The attached image, is an example of when I do an exact title match. However, I would like to set up the logic to be conditional on a single word, "MBA" to catch all signups related to any event related to "MBA" instead of setting up the logic for each specific event.

Essentially, I would like the option of "contains" instead of "is" but not sure how to write it.

logic example


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You can use the 'Pattern' trigger which can be a string or regular expression.

  '#type': textfield
  '#title': textfield
  '#description': 'Enter a value that contains the letter a.'
  '#type': webform_markup
          pattern: a
  '#markup': 'Text field contains the letter <strong>A.</strong>'

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