I'm usually trying to find an answer/clue on my own, and usually it works, but at this time search is fruitless. So I'm trying to edit a welcome email text, using /admin/config/people/accounts section. Changes are saved, if I reload a page - I can see the new version of the text. But the actual email is using the old version - before the changes!

If I'm honest, I don't even know how to debug something like this, so I tried all I could think of:

  • Disabled SMTP Authentication - didn't change anything
  • Tried to translate that very text in /admin/config/regional/translate section - didn't work
  • Enabled HTML markup - the emails are now in HTML but the text is still not changed
  • Tried to edit another email template (of the message that's being sent to admins notifying that the account awaits moderation) - to no surprise, the changes didn't work here as well
  • And of course, flushed all caches I know of multiple times. That also didn't do anything.

Could anybody give me a clue? What am I missing?


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