I am implementing Algolia search and using the following contributed modules

  1. Search API Algolia
  2. Facets

After configuring the modules, the content/data indexing is working fine and is reflecting on Algolia server. For search page, I am using Drupal views of type Index Algolia index and search is working fine using the Full text search filter. After configuring the Facets, the block is displaying the Content Type facet and showing the total count as well like

  • page (12)
  • blog (9)

Upon clicking these facets, the search results are not filtered. I have configured the Type Facet and its display on Algolia server. On Algolia server the facets and search is working fine and as expected but Facets not working on my Drupal site. I am not using any specific value in Filter key while configuring facet source configuration

  • I’m voting to close this question because bug reports should be posted on the module's issue queue on drupal.org
    – Hudri
    Sep 22 at 13:42
  • @Hudri - I would have done that if I was 100% sure that it is a bug, but right now the issue could be due to some config mismatch which I am not sure of at this moment. Sep 23 at 2:05


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