I have tried to apply my custom class to an image tag

I have set classes for it

{% set imgClass = [
        'img-shape-' ~ (node.field_image_animation_shape.value|clean_class)
      ] %}

and have tried to apply to image as attributes


that is renders all attributes for the node which duplicating on main node div so i need to avoid using attributes... How do i do it?

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You simply create your own attributes. Read [Documentation] Using attributes in templates. It's much easier to maintain in the long run. Especially if you start to use conditions to add or remove attributes.

This provides a new blank Attribute object to use to build up attributes.

{% set my_attribute = create_attribute() %}
  set my_classes = [
<div{{ my_attribute.addClass(my_classes).setAttribute('id', 'myUniqueId') }}>
  {{ content }}

I have workaround this without using attributes and that how i did it:

 {% set imgClass = node.field_image_animation_shape.value|clean_class %} 

created variable from the list text field - used key value for it

and then printed in hard way in to image classes

<img class="img-fluid img-shape-{{ imgClass }}" src="..." />

and this is result :

enter image description here

hope it will help to anybody :)

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