I have added no results behaviour text to a view called Events which is a page. This template I am using has a twig called views-view--events--page_1.twig. I want to add the no results text to this twig template, but I can't find any way to do it. How can this be done?

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    Look for views-view.html.twig in core and compare it with your template. You may be missing a lot more than just the empty case. Also, twig overrides end in .html.twig. See Views template files for the correct way to name your views templates.
    – Joseph
    Commented Dec 9, 2022 at 17:22

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It's always useful to look at the original template (views-view.html.twig). The documentation list the available variables, which in this case are the following.

  • attributes: Remaining HTML attributes for the element
  • css_name: A css-safe version of the view name
  • css_class: The user-specified classes names, if any
  • header: The optional header
  • footer: The optional footer
  • rows: The results of the view query, if any
  • empty: The content to display if there are no rows
  • pager: The optional pager next/prev links to display
  • exposed: Exposed widget form/info to display
  • feed_icons: Optional feed icons to display
  • more: An optional link to the next page of results
  • title: Title of the view, only used when displaying in the admin preview
  • title_prefix: Additional output populated by modules, intended to be displayed in front of the view title
  • title_suffix: Additional output populated by modules, intended to be displayed after the view title
  • attachment_before: An optional attachment view to be displayed before the view content
  • attachment_after: An optional attachment view to be displayed after the view content
  • dom_id: Unique id for every view being printed to give unique class for Javascript

{{ empty }} appears to be what you're after.

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