When I try to log in on a site, I get a generic error, which doesn't help in understanding what exactly is going wrong.

I would like to enable the All messages, with backtrace information option shown for Error messages to display, to be able to understand what the error cause is.

Is it possible to change it by directly altering a database table? If the answer is yes, which table and which row should I change?


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This question as written, "directly in MySQL", is unanswerable. The value to change is found with this query:

SELECT data FROM `config` where name = 'system.logging';

But the content of the data column is a blob type containing serialized PHP data, and that data contains a configuration hash that is particular to your site.

You will have to write a PHP program that selects the value, unserializes it, changes the error_level key to verbose, serializes the new data then re-inserts it. I know of now way to do that directly in MySQL alone.

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