During module development, Drupal does not use all relevant information provided by a module on every HTTP request. Examples:

This list might not be exhaustive.

Is there a way to update all these information in the database in one go. Preferably via a Drush command?

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drush cc all

Catches most of it. Registry/files[] changes can be tricky, but should work as well in most cases.

Node access records are not rebuilt by that, that wouldn't make sense to me. Unless working on a node access module, you don't want to have that rebuilt, as there could possibly be many nodes which means that this process could take a very long time.

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Disable the Drupal cache

D6: place this in settings.php $conf['cache_inc'] = 'includes/cache-install.inc';
D7: http://drupal.org/node/797346#comment-3681298

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