I want to mimic a zettelkasten system, by starting in a very simple way:

An entity of type 'Note' includes a body and an entity reference field, that can reference another note (of the same entity type) as fully rendered embedded entity.

I like to make the viewed note only display the entity reference field as link, but when I click on it the referenced link must turn into a fully rendered entity.

I understand this needs some ajax load on click, but I'm not a programmer. I see there is this module: Entity Reference Ajax Formatter, but that applies ajax as 'load more' link, and does turn a clickable link into a rendered entity.

How could this be accomplished?

  • This module is probably what you're looking for: Ajax link. Colorbox Load helps if you want the content in a "lightbox", and this one is a more complex solution.
    – prkos
    Jan 12 at 0:03


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