In my view, I have two filters: title (text box), and date (combobox); date has two values: year and month.

When I select the filters parameters in the view, and I click search, the filter values appears in the URL such as in mysite/views-path?title_filter=aaa&date_filter[year][value]=2012&date_filter[month][value]=3.

I used $_GET to get the value of the title filter, and it worked, but I can't get the date values using print $_GET['date_filter[year][value]'];.

Can anyone tell me how to get values like date using $_GET?

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Arrays in query strings get converted into actual PHP arrays when you use $_GET.

To get the value in your case you'd use something like:

print $_GET['date_filter']['year']['value'];
  • i tried what you told me but doesn't work. May 17, 2012 at 15:24
  • It must be a problem with Views then; you can test the logic yourself by installing the devel module and going to mysite.com/devel/php?date_filter[year][value]=2012. Then put print $_GET['date_filter']['year']['value']; in the code textfield and press 'Execute'. You'll see the string '2012' printed in the messages area, which proves the above method works
    – Clive
    May 17, 2012 at 15:31

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