I have a node type called Profile. It includes a paragraph type called Person. The fields in that paragraph type are:

  • Name (text)
  • City (taxonomy field)
  • Brief (text).

Whenever I look at a published Profile page without logging in, I can see name and brief the taxonomy field is not displayed. However, when I log in, I can see the full node with the taxonomy field.

It feels like a permissions issue, but I have checked the permissions and it doesn't seem like the issue is emanating from there.

Could it be I am using an entity (taxonomy) within another entity (paragraph) within another entity (node)? This is the first time I have faced such an issue. Any advice is appreciated.

  • [RESOLVED] I am mortified. It was a permission issue. Anonymous User did not have 'can view' priviledge to that specific vocabulary
    – tsitsi
    Jan 31 at 20:14


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