I have made a "Table of contents menu" on my Drupal 9 website. Here a link to a page with the menu. I use the "Paragraphs module" to add headers to my content and use views to display these as anchor links in a block. I use JavaScript to create some extra space, so the menu block doesn't overlap with the headers after clicking the anchor link. Furthermore, I use JavaScript to make the menu (details element) close when clicking outside the menu. I cannot write JavaScript and use pieces of code that I found online.

I would also like the menu (details element) to close after clicking the anchor link.

Here the HTML of the menu:

<details class="views-element-container settings-tray-editable block block-views block-views-blocktoc-toc" id="block-views-block-toc-toc-3" data-drupal-settingstray="editable" data-once="details">
  <summary class="block__title">Table of content<span class="summary"></span></summary>
  <div class="block__content">
  <div><div class="toc view view-toc view-id-toc view-display-id-toc js-view-dom-id-f3863ecde8c5164c6465d301061ed61af898565766b8b54c284fef42b4d9fd92">
  <div class="view-content">
<div class="toc__item-container odd">
    <div class="toc__h2-wrapper">
      <a class="toc__h2" href="#426">Things to do in Phrae</a>
<div class="toc__item-container even">
    <div class="bullet-point">
      <a class="toc__h3" href="#427">Drive the Small and Large Phrae Loop on a motorcycle</a>

<!-- more menu items follow -->

And here the JavaScript I use (I add the JS in my theme):

Drupal.behaviors.smoothScroll = {
  attach: function (context, settings) {
    // Your custom JavaScript goes inside this function...
    // This JS prefents overlap off the menu over the titles/anchor links by putting
    // the content lower by the height of the menu (#block-views-block-toc-toc-3) + 36px
    // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGUSTyG-CYw
    const navigationHeight = document.querySelector('#block-views-block-toc-toc-3').offsetHeight;

    document.documentElement.style.setProperty('--scroll-padding', navigationHeight + 36 + "px");

    // When clicking outside menu. Close menu.
    var details = [...document.querySelectorAll('details')];
      document.addEventListener('click', function(e) {
        if (!details.some(f => f.contains(e.target))) {
          details.forEach(f => f.removeAttribute('open'));
        } else {
          details.forEach(f => !f.contains(e.target) ? f.removeAttribute('open') : '');

Thanks for the help!



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