We have a Drupal 9 View using a GeoField Map to display the results using an attachment. The problem is that we want the map to show all the results, not just the ones on the first page.

Currently, we have the pager set to 25 items per page so the map only shows those 25 instead of all of the results.

In addition to this, the map attachment is then replaced on the next page with the results from the next page.

enter image description here

  • Is it not possible for the pager in the Views attachment to "Display all items"?
    – 4uk4
    Mar 7, 2023 at 7:39

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Attachment Views Display has several options that let you control its pagination in relation to the Display it is attached to.

Under Attachment settings make sure that the Inherit contextual filters: and Inherit exposed filters: are set to values that make sense in your case.

If you're using Contextual or regular Filters on your original (Page) Display, and you want the Attachment (Map) to always show all results no matter what, then those two options should be set to No.

This will make the map results independent from any narrowing down of the results that you or your users may apply on the Page (for example if you have Exposed Filters).

Then you can adjust Pager settings to be different from the original Display.

Under Pager settings on the Attachment Display opt to Inherit pager: No, and override the setting Items to display: to Display all items so it's different from the one you're using on the original Display (Page).

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