With Aegir being developed in Drupal 7 and the end of life looming for this November are there plans to migrate Aegir from Drupal 7 to 10? Or can anyone direct me to where I can find the migrated version.

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At the moment, Aegir 3, the current stable major version, is minimally-maintained. Vendors offering support are Omega8, Consensus, ThinkDrop, and Symbiotic (who maintains some components at github.com/coopsymbiotic). Find them all at https://docs.aegirproject.org/community/services/.

For on-going support (as Debian packages are no longer maintained):

Aegir 5 is a complete rewrite in development (https://gitlab.com/aegir/aegir/), but progress is slow due to insufficient funding. Get in touch if you'd like to help with this initiative by providing funding, developer time, or anything else. Please see the blog posts on this topic.


According to today's update, you must upgrade to Aegis 5:

Along with the offers of support, we’ve also heard a variety of concerns about the future of the Aegir system or Aegir 5 in particular. For example:

  1. Can Aegir 3 support Drupal 10?
  2. Will there be a migration path from Aegir 3 to Aegir 5?
  3. Does Aegir 5 support multi-site environments?
  4. Can Aegir 5 satisfy a SaaS use-case?

The first 2 of these we can answer directly:

  1. No. Fundamental divergence between PHP8, D10, and Drush make this effectively impossible.
  2. Yes! Onboarding Aegir 3 sites to Aegir 5 is a key use-case on our radar.

Questions 3 and 4 warrant more detailed answers, which we plan to post about shortly, but the short answers are “sort of” and “most definitely” respectively. The Aegir 5 architecture in general is a lot more flexible, intended to enable use-case-specific pluggability.

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