I'm usng the "Commerce Cart API" module on my website to build a custom cart js layer. The problem i am facing is the purchased entity has a field_image field and I would like get the url of that images instead of the file id.

The json response of cart?_format=json looks like the following:

    "order_id": 9,
    "uuid": "a4604a10-f956-41e7-87f6-0d745b9345a4",
    "order_number": null,
    "store_id": 2,
    "order_items": [
        "order_item_id": 12,
        "uuid": "33bca307-2ee1-4be4-9599-9ecf3604f83c",
        "order_id": 9,
        "purchased_entity": {
          "variation_id": 1181,
          "uuid": "8112b394-5008-4209-85dc-a9deaf5dfea1",
          "type": "default",
          "product_id": 470,
          "sku": "345",
          "title": "Glade Aerosol 330",
          "list_price": {
            "number": "1.000000",
            "currency_code": "ARS",
            "formatted": "ARS 1,00"
          "price": {
            "number": "2.000000",
            "currency_code": "ARS",
            "formatted": "ARS 2,00"
          "resolved_price": {
            "number": "4.000000",
            "currency_code": "ARS",
            "formatted": "ARS 4,00"
          "field_imagenes": [

In brief what i'm tring to get is field_imagenes as an array of image urls. Is there a way to do it?

Thank you in advance!

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It's reasonable for you to move to Commerce API?

That module is based on JSONA:API, therefore you should be able to get the data of relationship entities quite easily, look at include\relationship example on docs.

Plus, the headless system on Drupal mostly prefer json:api, including commerce itself


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