I can't figure out how to get the shipping address information to be collected on checkout in Commerce on Drupal 10.

My setup

  • Created a Manual payment gateway that collects billing information.
  • Installed the Commerce Shipping module (version 2.6).
  • On /admin/commerce/config/order-types/default/edit, set Workflow to Fulfillment, checked the box Enable shipping for this order type, and set the Checkout flow to Shipping as instructed in the module README.
  • Added four different flat rate shipping methods at /admin/commerce/shipping-methods. None of the shipping methods have any conditions to limit visibility; they should all be shown.

However, when I add a product to the cart and then go to checkout, shipping information is never displayed. I do see the payment information (to input a billing address) and contact information (input an email). This happens both for anonymous and logged-in users (even user 1, so it's not a permissions issue).

The Shipping checkout flow has "Shipping information" under Order information, which is the default configuration.

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    Have you enabled the "Shippable" trait on the product variation type?
    – Giuseppe
    Apr 30, 2023 at 6:38

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Have you enabled the "Shippable" trait on the product variation type?

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