I am creating a custom form and want to render the form field using the FieldStorageConfig and FieldConfig. Fields (my_field) could be any type those are supported by FormAPI.

$field = FieldStorageConfig::loadByName('node', 'my_field');
$field_instance = FieldConfig::loadByName('node', 'my_content_type', 'my_field');

$form['duplicate'] = [
  '#title' => 'Get the title form my_field',
  '#type' => 'Get the type form my_field',
  '#other_properties' => 'Get all form element properties'

  • A Field in Drupal is not a 1:1 mapping of form fields in Form API.
    – Kevin
    May 8 at 14:51
  • Thanks, @Kevin Is there any quick way to achieve this? Otherwise, I'll create a form using FormAPI. May 8 at 15:38
  • An entity field has a widget that specifies how the field appears in edit forms. That is what should be used to render an entity field in an edit form. As a side note, not all the entity fields use FieldConfig as their class.
    – apaderno
    May 22 at 21:01


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