I've got a custom module providing local tasks like entity/%/edit and I'm trying to get entity/% to show up as the default local task. entity/% is defined as a Panel Page using the panels module. How do I do this? Whenever I change the menu type to "local task" or "menu tab" (or "default menu tab") the local tasks disappear from the display. This is in Drupal 7.14 with ctools 7/x-1/0

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I was eventually able to get this to work. The page needed to be a "default menu tab" with the path entity/%/view or similar. With that, entity/% loads the path entity/%/view and all of the tabs show up as expected. This turned out to be more a problem with my understanding of default local tasks than anything else.

  • yeah, the trick is that for a default menu task (or tab) you need to add an extra argument onto the end of the url for the page you expect to see, so entity/%/foo will appear at entity/%. That's essentially what makes it the "default"
    – jenlampton
    Commented Apr 5, 2015 at 23:18

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