I really love the slick slider module, but it seems a bit EOL as the slick JS library is not really maintained.

Also it's a bit crunchy to setup, but, it has views support.

Alternatives as nivo silder or flex slider are not preferred neither. Views slideshow would more be a fit to me, but it's too jQuery dependent IMO. I would love something like the glide JS library, a module seems not ready glide.

What I want as JS lib is nicely stated on the glide module project page:

  • Written in vanilla JavaScript without hidden dependencies
  • It weighs only ~23kb (~7kb gzipped) with every functionality included
  • Supports of swipe event on touch devices
  • Arrows, bullets, and Keyboard navigation
  • Autoplay
  • Pause on hover
  • CSS3 transitions with fallback to older browsers
  • Supports almost all the HTML elements
  • Cross-browser, supports all the modern web / mobile browsers

I've seen gausarts (maintainer of slick) creating splide, but again, no big echo there.

I just found drupal_slider, which uses slider-pro, or swiper, only having a D7 version. But I will stick with slick.

Or are there any slider modules that you recommend, that will last and are robust?

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    I’m voting to close this question because it requests “tutorials, documentation, modules, themes, or distributions you need to find or you ask us to recommend or suggest”, which is against the site guidelines.
    – cilefen
    May 22 at 21:24
  • "Views slideshow would more be a fit to me, but I did not investigate which JS libraries are supported there." Uh... check that instead of making a list of demands here? May 22 at 21:27
  • Alright - doing my homework. But it seems kind of junglish ... that's why a tend to ask here (changed my mind, un-deleted the question again, taking the downvotes)
    – rémy
    May 22 at 21:29
  • @cilefen - I did a lot of exploration myself, but ended by using slick, not having a good feeling ...
    – rémy
    May 22 at 21:35
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    For weeding through the jungle, I highly recommend asking in Drupal slack first, especially with a "shopping list" question like this, as such questions are specifically prohibited by Stack Exchange network rules. May 22 at 22:30


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