I created content based on a specific paragraph. I would like to show the content inside the view page. I create the view, and I check the "create page" option, but, after having selected the content type and the condition to show the correct contents on the page, the content is not rendered as it should, like the image is not shown and not formatted properly, no text on the right of the image but just below it, title with the link not rendered properly.

What should I do to have the content to be rendered as it should?

  • Have you set the view mode for the content? Content has different display modes called view modes, and these affect the paragraph display. May 23 at 13:15
  • Can you please tell me more about the "view modes"? I can see manage form display and manage display. What should I change to properly show the paragraph ?
    – Okenite
    May 23 at 14:07


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