I have a paragraph type with some fields. A few text fields, and a Taxonomy Entity Reference.

The goal is to get a field out of the term (an email address, in the term, as a field), and pass it to a default submission value in the webform.

I'm getting no errors when I provide the token, but it won't pass the value in to the hidden input field, it just passes the full string for that token as you see it there.

<input data-drupal-selector="edit-fq-email-distro-c" type="hidden" name="fq_email_distro_c" value="[paragraph:field_crm_distro_select:entity:field_distro_email_address]">

How do I pass paragraph fields in to the webform as default values?

The hidden input should have an email address in the value field, if it works properly.

I've tested just passing a plain string, the "Event location" you see in the screen shot, and the same behavior happens. it just prints the token-code in the value field.

Paragraph config with fields and webform


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This turned out to be a BUG with 6.2BETA.

I rolled back to 6.1 and the problem is solved.

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