Hi I have a view with the machine name news_filter. In the html every content type it's fields are inside a .views-row div. I want to create a template for those specific rows and maybe later also for each field too. But I can't find the right naming conventions to do so.

Does anyone have an idea?


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The template name would be views-view-unformatted--news-filter.html.twig, do clear the cache after adding the template file.

In views you cloud use a display with rendered entity display (Content) and a specific viewmode, use the template suggestion for the entity type, e.g. node--news--VIEWMODE.html.twig.

{% for row in rows %}
    {{- row.content -}}
{% endfor %}
<div class="news-item">
  <a href="{{ path('entity.node.canonical', {'node': 393}) }}?sort={{ node.id }}" class="use-ajax"
      {{ content.field_event_datum }}
      <h3>{{ label }}</h3>
    <div class="click"><p>weiterlesen ></p></div>

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