I have a webform where I am using the Twig Computed module to calculate an amount. It is simple and straight forward: I have a field that captures the amount and I'm using Twig to multiply it to find the fee; the fee amount is a fixed rate

The Computed Value/Markup is {{ data['license_amount']|number_format(2) * 0.019 }}. It works when data['license_amount'] is lower than 999; it shows a wrong total when data['license_amount'] is higher than 999.

If the amount is 500 the value is 9.5 as it should.

If the amount is 5000 the value is returned as 0.095

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    I agree with the locale part in the comment. Thousands separator seem to play you tricks here. However, the only change I'd suggest in the case is to add the second(decimal_point) and third(thousand_sep) parameters as explained in twig.symfony.com/doc/2.x/filters/number_format.html and this should be perfectly fine.
    – itsandev
    Jun 14, 2023 at 8:33

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You should drop the number_format altogether (not sure what the requirement is), or place it at the end of the calculation, i.e.

{{ (data['license_amount'] * 0.019)|number_format(2) }}

number_format is a wrapper around PHP's number_format function

From PHP's documentation page:

// english notation (default)
$english_format_number = number_format($number);
// 1,235

// French notation
$nombre_format_francais = number_format($number, 2, ',', ' ');
// 1 234,56

It seems like you are running the calculation on something like 5'000 or 5,000 (depending on your locale), which would explain the results you are getting.

Good luck!


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