• Hello im using Drupal 9.5.9 version. How can I add the hero section image in the View to REST_API?

  • I have created an api with Rest_API to fetch data from Views I have created. I have no problem retrieving public data. However, I am getting "null"/"empty"/"id" errors when trying to get the image in the Hero Section in the View. I created two paths to get the images in the view, one to get all the views in the same category (jsonapi/news/) and the other to list the view whose id I entered (jsonapi/news/2775).

  • After adding Hero section from the Fields section in the View to get the image, I tried to get the img tags by making Rewrite results > Strip HTML tags to get the image link properly, but I'm still having problems.

    • When I list all views in the same category (jsonapi/news) enter image description here
    • When I list a single view (jsonapi/news/id)enter image description here
    • When I list a single view (jsonapi/news/id) with strip img tagsenter image description here
    • Another method I tried is Rewrite Results > Override the output of this field with custom text {% if field_hero_section %} <img src="{{ file_url(field_hero_section.entity.field_image.entity) }}" /> {% endif % } I filtered by trying this code, but the result I got is; enter image description here

How can i solve this ? Which method i should use ?


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