I've got oEmbed providers installed on two sites and recently wanted to add rumble to the list of providers. I've created a new provider bucket and included rumble but if I try and add a rumble URL or embed URL it gives me an:

"InvalidArgumentException: Unknown provider 'Rumble.com' in Drupal\oembed_providers\OEmbed\ProviderRepositoryDecorator->get() (line 217 of modules/contrib/oembed_providers/src/OEmbed/ProviderRepositoryDecorator.php)".

I've come to understand that the provider name has to be exact. Within the OEMBED Providers json file the rumble info looks like this:

     "provider_name": "Rumble",
     "provider_url": "https://rumble.com/",
     "endpoints": [
         "url": "https://rumble.com/api/Media/oembed.{format}",
         "discovery": true

notice the provider_name is "Rumble".

If I go to iframely.com and paste in a rumble URL I will see, under the oEmbed tab, that the provider name is Rumble.com. I tried to create a custom provider called Rumble.com but the machine name reverts to rumble_com so it doesn't work.

I've looked for the answer to this all over the internet and I can't seem to figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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